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Water Purification For Laser Systems

Laser systems generate quite a lot of heat.  In order to protect critical components from overheating, heat must be effectively removed. This is done by using water.

When deciding on a water filter for your laser you must consider the materials of construction of the cooling loop.

Using tap water in a cooling loop can cause premature failure of expensive components. Water containing oxygen can cause oxidation of the metals and water containing ions can cause deposits and scale formation. For this reason we usually recommend cartridges that have both ion removal and oxygen removal abilities.

When removing ions it is important to know if you have any brass or copper in your loop. If it is present then you can not use a "mixed bed" ion exchange filter. mixed bed filters make the water too pure and will dissolve most metals except stainless steel.  If you system has other metals you need to use a separate bed/oxygen removal cartridge.

If you system has 100% stainless steel construction then you can use a mixed bed/Oxygen removal cartridge.

We have many cartridges available for all laser systems.  Please call us for help in ordering or specifying a cartridge for your laser.

We also carry a complete line of cost effective replacements for all Barnstead/Thermolyne filters for Laser cooling loops.

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