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Optical discs, Compact Discs and DVD's

Companies who manufacture these discs using photo lithography require high purity water. This application is similar to water for use in semiconductor manufacturing in that contaminant in the water can cause defects on the surface of the disk and will not allow the program, music file or video file to be able to be read. Important contaminants to remove are dissolved ions, particulates and organic contamination. Many mastering systems require separate water systems for disk manufacturing because standard house D.I. system contain high levels or particulates and organic contamination.
Many mastering modules come with Millipore brand water systems. If you need replacement filters for those devices click here

The Polaris II water system was specifically designed for the disk manufacturing market. Many of these systems are operating around the world and helped in the manufacturing of Millions of discs do date.

The Polaris II system is free standing and provides high flow, high quality and low operating costs. It can also be fitted with an R.O. system to provide a completely integrated water purification system.

Click here for an operation manual

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