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Water Purification for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Applications

APS WATER offers complete services to the
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.

Providing water purification for pharmaceutical applications is a very complex venture.  Unlike most other industries the system you put in place must be designed and managed using validation methods that prove the system works as designed and that lets you know the moment it does not work properly.  These water systems must be designed to eliminate all instances of stagnant water and bacterial growth  within the systems.

Whether you need is for a small laboratory scale water system of a complete large scale system, APS can help.

In most cases, APS WATER can eliminate problems in your water systems when others have failed.

Complete turn key pharmaceutical water systems

USP Water For Injection
USP Purified Water
Cell Culture grade water

Reverse Osmosis
Sub-micron Filtration

APS Engineers can also trouble shoot your existing system to solve many complicated problems.

Endotoxin/Pyrogen removal

Bacterial decontamination

Complete system repair and troubleshooting

Replacement filters and membranes for virtually any brand water

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