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How many gallons can I get from a Barnstead Diamond Cartridge Pack

Date : 5/14/2021
From : Alison


I want to know how much water should I expect to get from this product 13500872 DIAMOND CARTRIDGE PACK ORGFREE per filter replacement


That is actually a very difficult question to answer. It is solely dependent on the quality of the feed water at the time you pull off pure water.

The pack does about 1000 grains of ionic removal with 1 grain equaling 17.1 p.p.m.

So if you always had 17.1 ppm feed water, you would expect 1000 gallons of full capacity or 800 gallons to a 1 megohm output setting (80% of the bed will produce water over 1 megohm) .

If you feed it distilled or deionized water it can produce 10's of thousands of gallons before exhausting.

There are other things however to consider. As the pack ages, you can expect to see increasing levels of bacteria in the pack that put our total organic carbon and pyrogens as a waste product. If higher levels of toc or pyrogens matter to your work, then typically packs are changed every 3-6 months. Again, bacteria or toc in the feed water will also effect this.

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