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Techical Articles About Water Purifcation and Science

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What are the Stages in my Reverse Osmosis Water system 8/1/2019
Concerns about Sodium and Potassium in softened water. 7/22/2019
Fleck Manuals - Water Softeners - Control Heads - Set Up and Repair Instructions 5/17/2019
How often do I need to change the resin in my softener 4/30/2019
About Silver Impregnated Carbon - Useless Sales Tactic 4/29/2019
ZeroWater - Much Ado About Nothing 7/26/2018
APS WATER - Commercial Water Treatment Services 7/17/2018
Removing Aluminum In Water 7/10/2018
Barnstead Nanopure Diamond Side View Parts Descriptions 7/9/2018
Grains - PPM - Micromhos - Megohm - Water Quality Conversion Chart 7/5/2018
About Pyrolox - MangOX - Birm - Greensand - Filox 6/21/2018
Which water softener resin do you need 6/19/2018
Alkaline water and Alkalosis - Careful trying to raise your pH 6/10/2018
Should you repair or replace your water softener or carbon system 6/7/2018
Conductivity Vs Resistivity Vs PPM Quick Chart 6/7/2018
Whirlpool Carbrio WTW7300DW Washer - Blinking lights - No Start 6/6/2018
About Laboratory Filters - Syringe Filter - Extraction Thimbles 6/5/2018
When do you regenerate a carbon bed 6/4/2018
Magnets and Magnetic Water Softeners Do Not Work 5/29/2018
How to Measure the pH of pure water 5/29/2018
How to change the resin in a water softener 5/29/2018
When to change the resin beads in a water softener 5/29/2018
Rainsoft Water Softeners - How to change the resin 5/29/2018
G E Water Softeners - How to change the resin 5/29/2018
ECO Water Softeners - How to change the resin 5/29/2018
Culligan Water Softeners - How to change the resin 5/29/2018
ASTM Type I II and III Water Specifications 2010 5/29/2018
How a bladder pressure tank works 5/28/2018
Military Water Specifications - Grades A - B and C Water 5/28/2018
Why is your skin slippery or slimy feeling with soft water? 5/28/2018
What water treatment is needed when you have city water 5/27/2018
Troubleshooting A Water Pressure Bladder Tank 5/25/2018
Millipore Milli-Q Pump Adjustment and Valves Replacement Information 5/24/2018
How to change the filter in an Ametek or similar filter housing 5/23/2018
Campylobacter and Drinking Water from Private Wells 5/22/2018
News Stories About Your Water 5/21/2018
Alkaline Water Hoax is Simple Science 5/21/2018
About Grades of Glass Micro Fiber Depth Filters 5/21/2018
Manuals for Barnstead Brand Water Systems 5/21/2018
Pseudomonas In Purified Water Spas and Drinking Water Systems 5/21/2018
Can a pressure bladder tank be installed sideways 5/21/2018
Birm Water Filtration Media for Removing Iron and Manganese 5/20/2018
About Reverse Osmosis Systems 5/20/2018
About Bacteria in water and how to treat it 5/20/2018
About Extraction Thimbles - Size and Membrane Selection 5/20/2018
About Activated Carbon Filtration 5/20/2018
About Corosex Filtration Media 5/20/2018
Myths about drinking distilled water 5/19/2018
Bladder Tank Capacity Charts 5/19/2018
5 Basic Naturally Found Groups of Contaminants in Water 5/18/2018
Why do you need pure water in a laboratory? 5/18/2018
Setting up the Fleck 5600 Meter Softener Valve 5/16/2018
How to remove Sulfate from water 5/16/2018
What is Milli-Q Water 5/16/2018
What is Organic Contamination And How To Remove It 5/15/2018
What are the chemical properties of water 5/15/2018
Barnstead Nanopure Diamond - Manuals 5/14/2018
What is DI Water 5/13/2018
Water Testing Scams of the Door to Door Water Filter Salesman 5/8/2018
Millipore court ordered to stop using lock out tags and software. 5/2/2017
Special Guarantee On APSULTRA Brand Filters For Laboratory Water Systems 3/9/2017
Reverse Osmosis Elemental Rejection Table 1/19/2017
Element rejection percentages with Reverse Osmosis 1/18/2017
Common Water Impurities For Laboratory Testing 1/2/2017
About The Kangen Alkaline Water Scam 11/30/2016
About the Water In Your Body 11/4/2016
Giardia and Drinking Water from Private Wells 10/22/2016
Hard Water and Water Softening 10/17/2016
The Terminator System (for Iron smells and pH) 10/9/2016
Fi-Streem Lab Water Distillers 9/29/2016
My water softener does not use salt. What is wrong 9/29/2016
I have hard water staining (iron) bad smells and pH is low. What do I need 9/29/2016
How is drinking water treated 9/29/2016
How does the calcium get into the water 9/29/2016
Fluoride And Drinking Water - is it safe 9/29/2016
Do you need to have gravel in a water softener 9/29/2016
Can Millipore void your warranty for using Non-Millipore filters 9/29/2016
Bottled Water: Better Than the Tap 9/29/2016
Are you paying too much for purified water 9/29/2016
About Ultraviolet - UV - Light and Drinking Water Quality Confidence. 9/29/2016
How to Connect and Disconnect RO - john guest - fittings 9/26/2016
Water Softener Regeneration Cycle Times 9/17/2016
Why might you need to purify your water ? 9/3/2016
Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Drinking Water from Private Wells 9/2/2016
The Periodic Table Of Elements 9/1/2016
All About The Properties Of Water 8/27/2016
Radon and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/27/2016
Media Tank Sizing Tables By Media Type 8/26/2016
Advice About Whole House Carbon Filters And Removing Chlorine 8/24/2016
Polaris Complete - High Flow - Ultrapure Water Systems 8/24/2016
What is Nanopure Water 8/18/2016
Laboratory Water Quality Specifications 8/17/2016
Park International Water Softeners and Equipment 7/27/2016
Chemical Requirements for Iron Oxidation 5/27/2016
Blind Water Taste Tests - Bottled Water VS Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water. 5/13/2016
Clack Heads 3/1/2016
Durastill Parts Drawing 2/25/2016
Laboratory Water Purification Technologies 6/18/2015
How to Assemble a Water Softener - General Instructions 6/15/2015
EPA Says Fracking Does Not Hurt Drinking Water 6/4/2015
Sub-micron bubble point values 4/9/2015
MSDS For Water 12/16/2014
Corosex / Flomag media for pH adjustment in water - Magnesium Oxide 12/5/2014
KDF Water Filtration Media 10/28/2014
Anti-Scalant Systems - Chemical Free Water Softeners That Work 4/23/2014
The Water Cycle 10/23/2013
Simple Water Cycle Explanation 10/23/2013
How to rebuild a Fleck or Pentair 7000 Water Softener Valve 9/26/2013
How to rebuild a Clack WSI Water Softener Control Head 9/26/2013
How to rebuild a Fleck or Pentair 5000 Valve 9/26/2013
Free Online College. Go to MIT for Free. 8/29/2013
Pure Water For In Vitro Fertilization 8/22/2013
Fleck Control Valve Comparison Chart 7/12/2013
Primer: Water Use In Research And Medicine 6/22/2013
Water Filtration Primer 6/22/2013
Acid - Alkaline Theory of Disease Is Nonsense 6/9/2013
Milli-q Keeps rinsing until I run out or water 4/2/2013
Removing Iron and Manganese In Water 12/1/2012
Primer : Basic Lab Water Contaminants 10/31/2012
Barnstead Easypure II - How to select the right model for your application 8/14/2012
APS WATER - Engineered Water Treatment Systems 8/14/2012
Lab Filter Membrane Properties 8/14/2012
About Chloramine 8/14/2012
Corning - Barnstead Megapure Still - Spare Parts - Manuals - New Systems 8/14/2012
Reverse Osmosis Basics 8/9/2012
Your Health and Well Water. 8/9/2012
Whole House Carbon Filters Hazardous To Your Health. 8/9/2012
What Water Treatment do I need for my Home? 8/9/2012
When is it time you change your lab water filters? 8/9/2012
When to change filters in a lab water system 8/9/2012
What water purity do laboratories need? 8/9/2012
What is Water - Water Chemical Properties 8/9/2012
What is Total Coliform? 8/9/2012
What is pH? 8/9/2012
What is Nitrate? 8/9/2012
What is Fecal Coliform / Escherichia coli (E. coli)? 8/9/2012
What is in YOUR water? Is it harmful? 8/9/2012
What device is needed to remove contaminants in water? 8/9/2012
What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)? 8/9/2012
What are the health effects of contaminants in drinking water? 8/9/2012
Water Activity Book - Great For Kids and Teachers 8/9/2012
Using Activated Carbon Equipment and Filters 8/9/2012
Water for Pharmaceutical Use 8/9/2012
Water Born Disease Outbreaks 8/9/2012
Well Water Testing Frequently Asked Questions 8/9/2012
Water System Sizing Table 8/9/2012
Water softener general warranty Information 8/9/2012
Water Softener Diagram 8/9/2012
Water Purification Calculators 8/9/2012
Water Purification Applications 8/9/2012
Water in Research and Medicine 8/9/2012
Useful Water Purification Calculations 8/9/2012
US Filter Water Softener = How To Change The Resin 8/9/2012
Travelers : Water and Food Safety While Traveling 8/9/2012
Travelers : Treatment of Water to Make it Safe for Drinking 8/9/2012
To Filter or Not to Filter? 8/9/2012
System Sizing Table 3 8/9/2012
System Sizing Table 2 8/9/2012
Spare Parts for Fleck Water Softeners and Fleck Control Heads 8/8/2012
Some facts about drinking water 8/8/2012
Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride in Water Softeners 8/8/2012
Shigella and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Sears Water Softeners - How to change the resin 8/8/2012
Save on High Purity Lab Water - Millipore - Barnstead - Others 8/8/2012
Salmonella and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Removing Sulfur Smell Rotten Egg and other Contaminants With a Water Softener 8/8/2012
Safe Residential Water Doesnt Have To Cost a Fortune 8/8/2012
Safe Food and Water: A Guide for People with HIV Infection 8/8/2012
Rotten Egg or Fish Smell From Water Heaters 8/8/2012
Rotavirus and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Reverse Osmosis Systems Flow Rate Changes With Temperature 8/8/2012
Removing Dissolved inorganics 8/8/2012
Recreational Water Associated Illnesses 8/8/2012
Recommended Levels of Common Non-Health Threatening Contaminants 8/8/2012
How to select the best water softener 8/8/2012
Q & A - Water Usage in the USA 8/8/2012
Q & A - Water Usage in Our Homes 8/8/2012
Pros and Cons of Water Treatment Technologies 8/8/2012
Preventing Bacterial Waterborne Diseases 8/8/2012
Press Release : APS Water Voted Best Of Van Nuys 8/8/2012
Noroviruses (Norwalk-like viruses) and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Nitrate and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Milli-Q 4 Bowl System Information 8/8/2012
Mercury Contamination 8/8/2012
Manganese Greensand Media 8/8/2012
Manganese and Iron in water 8/8/2012
Lead in Drinking Water - Information for Schools and Day Care Centers 8/8/2012
Lead and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Laboratory Water Stills - Not pure enough for modern lab applications 8/8/2012
Lab Water Contaminents 8/8/2012
Keep Food and Water Safe after a Natural Disaster or Power Outage 8/8/2012
Interesting Water Facts 8/8/2012
Interesting Purified Water Applications 8/8/2012
Independent Reps Welcome 8/8/2012
How to prove a product is not a hoax - Clinical Studies - Double Blind Studies 8/8/2012
How To Install A Water Softener 8/8/2012
How to determine correct ratio of chemicals to treat a spa or pool 8/8/2012
How can I tell if I have regular or fine mesh resin. 8/8/2012
Home Water Treatment and Purification Options 8/8/2012
Hepatitis A and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/8/2012
Helpfull tips for everyday life 8/7/2012
Help - All About Whole House Water Softener and Carbon Systems 8/7/2012
Healthy Drinking Water 8/7/2012
Giardia contamination in water 8/7/2012
Fun : For those born before 1930-1979 8/7/2012
Enteroviruses and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/7/2012
Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection 8/7/2012
Emergency Prepardness - Water Storage and Handling 8/7/2012
Elevated Levels of Coliform Bacteria in a Public Water Supply 8/7/2012
Drinking Water Terms and Definitions 8/7/2012
Drinking water and your health 8/7/2012
Cryptosporidium and your water supply 8/7/2012
Cryptosporidium and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/7/2012
Cryptosporidiosis: For Persons With Poor Immune Systems 8/7/2012
Copper and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/7/2012
Contaminants Found In Well Water 8/7/2012
Common Water Measurements - What you need to know about your water 8/7/2012
Cholera contamination in water 8/7/2012
Chlorination Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite 8/7/2012
Chinese products are cheap but have a high poison risk with medical products 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Well Water Installation Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Standard Installation Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Pool Installation Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Internal Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Gravity Fed Installation Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Injection Pump - Dual Injector Installation Diagram 8/7/2012
Chemilizer Chemical Injection Pump - No Electricity Needed 8/7/2012
Bottled Water and Distilled Water 8/7/2012
Body Hydration Tips 8/7/2012
Be Logical about your water usage 8/7/2012
Barnstead Nanpure and B-Pure Exploded View 8/7/2012
Bacterial Contamination in Laboratory Water Systems 8/7/2012
Arsenic and Drinking Water from Private Wells 8/7/2012
APS Water Services - Standard Terms of Sale 8/7/2012
APS WATER - Whole House Filtration Systems 8/7/2012
All About Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell - Hydrogen Sulfide 8/7/2012
All About Manganese Greensand 8/7/2012
All About Distilled Water 8/6/2012
Activity - How the water from storm drains can impact the water quality 8/6/2012
What might be in your drinking water water and how to treat it 8/6/2012
About Pyrogens and Endotoxin 8/6/2012
About Calcite for pH correction in water - Calcium Carbonate 8/6/2012
About Arsenic In Drinking Water 8/6/2012

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