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Advice About Whole House Carbon Filters And Removing Chlorine

Question :

What is the best whole house carbon system to put on my house? I want to remove all the chlorine.

Answer :

It is just not a good idea at all to put a whole house carbon filter on a house unless there are specific reasons for it.

This should never be done in a house that is fed with a municipal water supply.

Here is why

I want you to picture a container of milk sitting around without refrigeration.

It would be easy to imagine that as it sits out it begins to grow bacteria,

Within a short period of time, the milk becomes over run with bacteria.

Water does the same thing.

Chlorine is the immune system of water.

Once it is removed, bacteria begins to grow unless there is either a different bacterial inhibitor added, the water is constantly movingĀ or the water is refrigerated, it will grow bacteria rapidly.

Activated carbon and the contaminents it collects are a terrific food source for bacteria.

As you were growing up, I am sure you were told never to drink water from a stagnant pond.

Stagnant water and no chlorine can make you very sick as the bacteria and parasites begin to grow in mass.

I am not sure why you want to remove all the chlorine, but it is not harmful compared to water without chlorine (see Mexico).

You can remove the chlorine in the drinking water and showers without polluting your house with bacteria.

You can use a shower filter

and for drinking water you can use reverse osmosis.

(the membrane removes 100% of the bacteria so they do not have a bacteria problem if you maintain them properly.)

and you can use distillation for the purest drinking water.

For outside faucets, there is no harm in removing the chlorine as long as you are not going to be drinking it.

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