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I have hard water staining (iron) bad smells and pH is low What do I need

This is a fairly typical situation seen in well water systems. It is a combination of problems that can easly be treated. Most of all you will want to try and fix your problems with as little upkeep as possible.

So lets look at this example.  

To Treat The Hard Water

You will want a Water Softener to get rid of that hardness.

You will want to start here and read how a softener works and how to chose the right one.
How to select a softener

We also have a Water Softener calculator here
Water Softener Calculator

Most people end out with the 5600 series Meter based softener.

The calculator will tell you the size and why,  there are about 5 or 6 choices of the 5600. The 5600 is durable and trouble free for up to 15 years.

The 5600 meter driven controller will self adjust as usage changes and will regenerate only when you have used its capacity.

The timer systems are prone to wasting salt or running hard if you do not constantly adjust them to be efficient. We usually always recommend chosing the meter based system when possible. 

The 5600 Meter Based Softeners can be found here :

5600 Meter based Water Softeners

For Bad Smell and Iron

The Terminator system does pretty good. It basically is an oxidizer that attacks the compounds allowing them to be filtered in a special birm media. It also has an air injector to help increase the oxygen.

The low pH can be treated with a granular chemical called Calcite. The Terminator plus system deals with iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Here is some info on that.

About Termintor Systems

and you can find the systems here

Termintor Systems

For drinking water you can beat a Reverse Osmosis system

The will give you great tasting water that will remove just about everything else that might be in your water.
Some people have one in the kitchen and one in the bath. Certainly one in the kitchen is a must for cooking and drinking.

Hook a Reverse Osmosis system to the fridge and get great ice and chilled water too.

Info on those can be found here

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

The one people usually get is:

75 GPD RO Systems

The RO systems come with 2 gallon holding tanks. The refill time on an empty tank is about 45 minutes to about an hour depending on water temperature and pressure.

On the 10 gallon a day RO the tank refill time is about 8 hours give or take.

Here is a list of the ones we have.

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

It is always best to have a water analysis done to be sure that you have. The pH is very low. You may need to take an extra step depending on what else might be in your water.

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