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Inline Organic Scavenger Filter - OS1041

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Inline Organic Scavenger Filter OS1041
Product Name : Inline Organic Scavenger Filter
Catalog ID : OS1041
Our Price : $67.19
Retail Price : $94.06


INLINE Organic Scavenger Filter - 10 inch with 1/4 inch nptf connections. same as OS1001-1/4

This filter has 1/4 inch nptf connections on each end to allow for many different connections.

This APS ULTRA brand Mixed Bed Ion Exchange filter is designed to remove dissolved ions from water. This filter does not require a filter housing and can be used as an inline filter with 1/4 inch female threaeded end caps.


Flow Rate : 2 l.p.m.
Capacity : 500 grains
Media : Special Organic Scavenger Resin

Materials of Construction

Head Fused Polypropylene
Demineralizer resin.
Vacuum Packed in nitrogen for long shelf lives.

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  • OS1041 - Inline Organic Scavenger Filter - $67.19

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    Inline Organic Scavenger Filter - OS1041 - Low Prices