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About Surface Tension Of Water

Waters cohesiveness due to hydrogen bonding manifests itself in three ways. To begin with water drops tend to be spherical. The surface of water behaves much like a membrane. The molecules on the surface or membrane through hydrogen bonding link to one another and to the molecules of the interior of the droplet. In an effort to assume a minimum surface to volume configuration or sphere the molecules press inward. Water also has the ability to support surface gliding insects and broad flat objects is an example of waters cohesiveness. Lastly this cohesiveness results in waters tendency to resist flowing. This is known as viscosity.

Surface Tension of Water Against Air

to 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100
Surface Tension
75.6 74.2 72.8 71.2 69.6 67.9 66.2 64.4 62.6 58.9

Another thing caused by hydrogen bonding is waters ability to adhere to dissimilar substances. A good example of this is waters ability to conform to say a test tube is caused by the formation of hydrogen bonds between the water molecules adjacent to the test tube wall and the molecules in the wall. In addition waters ability to creep far up a capillary tube is also due to hydrogen bonding between water molecules and the molecules in the capillary wall. This action is the mechanism by which water moves through soil for plants.

Viscosity of Water

toC Centiposies toC Centiposies toC Centiposies
0 1.792 35 0.723 70 0.406
5 1.519 40 0.656 75 0.380
10 1.308 45 0.599 80 0.357
15 1.140 50 0.549 85 0.336
20 1.005 55 0.506 90 0.317
25 0.894 60 0.469 95 0.299
30 0.801 65 0.436 100 0.284

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